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Revolutionizing Mobile Security


Mobile Group's CellDome


In today’s digital age, the safety of mobile systems against eavesdropping and Data tapping is more crucial than ever. 

What would a Data breach mean for your business?

Imagine the risks when adversaries, ranging from cybercriminals to industrial spies, aggressively seek out sensitive information!

Beyond Conventional Security

The threat landscape is evolving, with phone and call data hacking becoming a favored method for information theft. 

The market is awash with compromised Telecommunication products, some even embedded with unauthorized backdoors.

CellDome, in strategic partnership with global leaders in policy enforcement, extends optional advanced applications for a robust defense against mobile cybercrime.

Technological Superiority

At Mobile Group, our unique blend of High-level expertise and cutting-edge knowledge in cellular communications empowers us to develop sophisticated capabilities. 

This expertise enables the optimization of Software Defined Radios (SDRs) to enhance functionality, control, and security.



Why Choose Us


Smartphone functionality

Highly secure communication


(IP67) Android-based smartphone

What would a Data breach mean for your business?

The Ultimate Smartphone Security

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