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SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and ICS (Industrial Control Systems) represent the heartbeat of modern industry. They are the essential frameworks enabling centralized monitoring and management of vast and complex industrial operations. Bridging the divide between digital technology and physical machinery, these systems make large-scale production both efficient and insightful.

Real-time Data Collection

Captures immediate data from various sensors and instruments.

Remote Control

Enables operators to make changes in system processes from a distance.

Alarm Handling

Alerts operators to deviations or malfunctions in real-time.

Historical Data Analysis

Archives data for trend analysis and long-term strategy.

ICS: Precision in Practice

ICS encompasses the interconnected hardware and software dedicated to controlling and automating industrial processes. With pinpoint accuracy, they execute, maintain, and optimize operations.

Process Control

Monitors and adjusts processes in real-time.

Device Control

Manages specific equipment behaviors, such as start/stop commands.

Data Acquisition

Gathers crucial data from diverse points within an operation.

Operational Metrics

easures efficiency, uptime, and other vital statistics.

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