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Visual AI


Oil and Gas Monitoring

The ImiSight solution enables sophisticated monitoring from various sensors along with automatic generation of alerts from all sensors, enabling customers’ operations teams to manage incidents in the best and most efficient way.


ImiSight Land harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence technology to detect and analyze various objects on the Land, including buildings, houses, roads, vehicles, and more.

Utility & Maintainance

The ImiSight solution facilitates advanced monitoring using various sensors, while also automatically generating alerts from all sensors. This empowers customers’ operations teams to efficiently manage incidents in the most effective manner.

Damage Assessment

Introducing our groundbreaking AI based algorithms service, specifically designed for extracting insights for damage assessments. Our advanced technology enables us to detect and analyze various types of damaged infrastructure, such as buildings, houses, bridges, debris, and more.

Vehicles, transport, engineering, manufacturing, innovation.

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