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MG Vision

MG Vision

MG-Vision is a visual-vocal vehicle telematics system that uses cameras, sensors, and AI to improve fleet safety and efficiency.

4 AI-based smart cameras

Front camera

Provides a view of the road ahead. It is used to detect dangerous driving events, such as unsafe merging and collision warnings.

Right & Left side cameras

Provides a view of the road and shoulder on the right side. It is used to detect objects that are in the blind spot on the right side of the vehicle.


powerful and versatile device that can monitor faces and behavior of drivers.

Our advantages:

  • Real-time video feeds from four cameras.
  • AI analysis of driver behavior.
  • Real-time alerts for dangerous driving events.
  • Driver monitoring over time.
  • Fleet insights, such as fuel efficiency, idle time, and harsh braking.

Real-Time Data collecting

The MGVision system consists of a cloud-based platform, a set of cameras and sensors, and an AI engine.

The cameras and sensors collect data about the vehicle and the driver, such as speed, location, and driving behavior.

It is easy to use and install, and it provides a wealth of data that can be used to make informed decisions.

Cloud-Based Platform

This data is then sent to the cloud-based platform, where it is analyzed by the AI engine. The AI engine detects dangerous driving events and generates alerts.

In addition to generating alerts, MGVision also provides fleet insights.

Innovative and highly efficient fleet management

These alerts are then sent to the driver or fleet manager.

MGVision is a powerful tool that can help fleet managers improve the safety and efficiency of their fleets.

This data can be used to improve fleet efficiency and reduce costs. For example, fleet managers can use the data to identify vehicles that are inefficient or drivers who are not following safe driving practices.

Real-Time Visibility for Optimal Fleet Safety

Fleet managers need to protect their investments and ensure that their vehicles are driven safely and professionally. MGVision’s ADAS/DMS cameras lower risks, provide better visibility, and improve driver performance, leading to a safer fleet.

MGVision utilizes Mobile Group’s proprietary AI technology and combines all the safety enhancements of MGConnect with the addition of real-time video feeds and AI analysis. Fleet owners can monitor and improve their fleet’s safety and efficiency, resulting in reduced downtime and costs.

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Reduce Risks and Costs with MGVision

MGVision is the solution for improving the safety of your fleet and drivers. Its two ADAS/DMS cameras and two adjustable (front/rear/sides) cameras provide complete coverage of the vehicle and the area around it with real-time alerts when dangerous behaviors are detected.

MGVision records driver behaviors, allowing fleet managers to track and correct unsafe behaviors and promote safer driving.

AI-enhanced insights

Mobile Group’s MGTelematics interfaces directly to the Controller Area Network (CAN) and provides AI-enhanced insights to detect anomalies, prevent car faults before they happen, and increase the lifespan of the fleet.

Real-Time Visibility for Optimal Fleet Safety

MGVision’s video monitoring system, including DMS (Driver Monitoring System) and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), captures data and provides AI-enhanced insights to reduce operating costs, ensure proper vehicle maintenance, increase vehicle lifespan, prevent accidents, and achieve peak efficiency.

Real-Time Warnings

Built-in safety alerts are triggered when unsafe driving is detected, empowering drivers to make corrections and avoid accidents. These events can also be displayed on the system’s optional screens. Examples of unsafe driving events include unsafe merges, collision warnings, speeding, and not maintaining a safe distance.

24/7 Fleet Visibility

Fleet managers can view data and live streaming video through a web-based system, track and improve driver behaviors, and take corrective measures as needed.

Optional modules allow tracking and scoring driver behaviors to help lower insurance costs for safer drivers, and an ignition disconnect module can limit vehicle usage based on management needs.

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